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Racial Justice Coordinator

Organizational Profile:

YWCA Northwest Louisiana (NWLA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1924.  The YWCA NWLA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


The Racial Justice Coordinator develops, coordinates, and promotes the YWCA racial justice program to further the YWCA mission and to have an impact on the elimination of racism in Shreveport/Bossier area.

General Responsibilities:
  • Researches and develops racial justice programs for the YWCA to offer to the community

  • Creates a broad range of programming opportunities including in-person, virtual, small group, community forums, training, and social events to engage the community in racial justice education and discussion

  • Coordinates the Dialogue on Race program and communicates with DOR Louisiana for strategies, materials and collaboration

  • Promotes and markets the YWCA racial justice programs through social media, local media and community networks

  • Develops partnerships and collaborations with local agencies, organizations, businesses, churches, universities and community groups to coordinate racial justice efforts

  • Promotes and supports the YWCA mission internally and in the community

Actual Job Responsibilities:
  • Secures facilitators and schedules the Dialogue on Race program on an ongoing basis

  • Recruits participants for DOR and other racial justice programs

  • Keeps accurate records of attendance and documentation required by funders 

  • Creates evaluation methodology to measure program impact and documents program outcome milestones 

  • Organizes and creates online virtual programs on issues of race and diversity

  • Organizes community events such as forums, panel discussions and speakers to educate and engage the community on issues of race and diversity

  • Develops social media posts and website information for racial justice issues and programs

  • Promotes the YWCA racial justice programs through a variety of marketing methods such as social media, press releases, email, and community networks 

  • Contacts organizations, groups and businesses to schedule meetings and discuss partnerships, and meets with local leaders and community members to collaborate on racial justice programs

  • Works with DOR Louisiana to coordinate DOR programs

  • Develops and conducts trainings on racial issues, diversity, inclusion and intersection of issues, particularly those affecting women

  • Works with other YWCA staff to incorporate YWCA mission into all programs

  • Works with Racial Justice Committee of the YWCA to discuss ideas, plan events, and create programs

  • Completes monthly reports for YWCA and funders

  • Represents the YWCA at events and meetings related to racial justice issues

  • Attends monthly YWCA staff meetings and events

  • Communicates regularly and effectively with the YWCA Executive Director

Hours:  Part-time, 20 to 30 hours per week


Educational Requirements and Skills Needed:   

B.A. degree preferred

Experience with racial justice programming and issues, excellent communication skills, verbal and written, technology skills needed to create online programs, social media platforms, event scheduling, marketing skills helpful, good organizational skills needed, ability to work well independently as well as with a team


Reports to:  YWCA Executive Director

Please send resume to:

Rachel Scott, Interim Executive Director

YWCA Northwest Louisiana

850-B Olive Street

Shreveport, LA  71104 or

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