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Seasonal Dialogue on Race Series

What is Dialogue on Race?

The dialogue is an educational process around the understanding that racism is an institutional construct that was built into our system, and much of it exists today unintentionally and indirectly. Because the current narrative has developed around sketches of unrelated conversations, which are often based on myths, this creates misunderstandings that leave people unclear on racism and its definition and operation. Many often believe it’s a thing of the past.

The Dialogue series is designed to offer a series of conversations that help participants unpack the confusion and misinformation around race. Race is so often left out of the education of most Americans starting from their developing years.

Upcoming Schedule:

Winter 2022: February 7th - March 14th (Virtual)

Spring 2023: April 4th - May 9th (In-person)

Summer 2023: August 22nd - September 26th (In-person)

Fall 2023: October 10th - November 14th (Virtual)

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