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About Us

To end human trafficking in Northwest Louisiana by empowering coalition members to provide the best quality service, educating the community, and effecting change in policy.



What is the F.R.E.E. Coalition?
The FREE Coalition is a program of the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana that is comprised of a diverse group of over 30 organizations in the community, including local and federal law enforcement, victim service providers, the Child Advocacy Center, and juvenile justice.We have focused our efforts over the past five years on child sex trafficking in the Shreveport-Bossier area, and members of our coalition have trained over 4400 individuals in 2017.  

How does F.R.E.E. work?

There are entities in Northwest Louisiana working tirelessly against commercial sexual exploitation of children; the Coalition brings those forces together to share resources and enhance their collective efforts. FREE serves as a public face for the cause and a place for individuals and organizations in the community to go to if they are seeking ways to get involved and make a difference. If we educate the community, together we can reach out to more victims and prevent the furthering of this industry in our community.

What does F.R.E.E. stand for?
Fighting for Restoration, Education, and Empowerment 


Our Team:
YWCA, Caddo Parish Juvenile Services, Gingerbread House, Purchased, FBI Child Exploitation Task Force, Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Shreveport Police Department, Bossier City Marshall’s Office, Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office, Caddo Parish Juvenile Defender’s Office, The Center for Children and Families, Hope for the Homeless, Jewel House, Changing Behavior Services, United Way, Project Celebration, Catholic Charities, Volunteers for Youth Justice, the Department of Children and Family Services

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Coalition Development

1. FREE Coalition

Intensive Case Management

2. Caddo Parish Juvenile Services

3. Purchased

Law Enforcement

4. FBI Child Exploitation Task Force

5. US Attorney’s Office

6. Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office

7. Shreveport Police Department

8. Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

9. Bossier City Marshal’s Office


10. The Center for Children & Families

11. Changing Behavior Services

12. YWCA of Northwest Louisiana

Forensic Interviewing

13. Gingerbread House


14. Jewell House

15. Hope for the Homeless

Victim Advocacy

16. Project Celebration

Wraparound Services

17. Louisiana Choices

Life Skills

18. Volunteers for Youth Justice

Job Skills/ Education

19. Goodwill Industries

Child Protection Services

20. DCFS

Educational Advocacy

21. T.E.A.M.S.

Community Development

22. United Way

Legal Services

23. Caddo Parish Juvenile Defender’s Office