Amazon Community Rewards

**You must shop at INSTEAD OF for YWCA to receive Community Rewards** 

Customer Directions:

An account is needed when participating in Amazon Community Rewards. If you already have an account, please see the section "Selecting an Organization."


If you do not have an account go to and click on "New to Amazon? Create an account"

  • Enter your information and click “Create Amazon Account”

Selecting an Organization - Young Women's Christian Association of Shreveport Louisiana

Selecting the organization that you wish to support is as simple as updating your Account.

* Sign into your Account (if you haven’t already) at

* If it is your first time on Amazon Smile it will ask you to enter your organization's name.

- Enter "Young Women's Christian Association of Shreveport Louisiana"

- Then you are ready to shop!


* If it is NOT your first time to Amazon Smile and you need to change the organization you are supporting, click “Hello, (your name) Your Account”

- Click “Change your organization”

- Type in “Young Women’s Christian Association of Shreveport Louisiana”

- You are ready to shop!