Teen Empowerment - LEAD Program

 LEAD, the YWCA Leadership Development Program, is designed to empower pre-teen and teen girls by focusing on three areas:

  • LEADERSHIP - building leadership skills that support self-respect, self-control, and positive decision-making skills
  • EMPOWERMENT - challenging them to explore their world and current issues through engaged and creative learning
  • DEVELOPMENT - guiding and developing character and confidence that will encourage and promote effective communication skills, positive goal setting, and a strong foundation for a successful adulthood


LEAD offers an ongoing leadership development program that meets on a bi-weekly basis and covers topics which include:

  • self-respect
  • healthy relationships
  • love and dating
  • goal setting
  • cultural competency
  • drugs and alcohol
  • personal and cyber safety
  • effective communication skills 

 To sign up for the leadership program, contact Christi Robinson at ywcanwlaTeenCoordinator@gmail.com.


WORKSHOPS are also offered throughout the year at various locations, and can be scheduled for youth groups, schools, and organizations.


Call 318-550-4417 to setup a workshop or for more information!