Women's Resource Center

Through strategic planning and visioning sessions, the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana Women's Resource Center is a collaborative, one-stop shop for women's resources in the community. The overall goal of the Center is the empowerment of women and their families through education, resources and intervention. The Center provides a variety of services for women through partnerships with community agencies and programs who currently provide services targeted to women and children and that fit with the YWCA's mission. 

The Women's Resource Center will have three major focus areas:

  1. Education
  2. Resources
  3. Intervention

Some of the services through the Center are:

  • legal education and advocacy
  • financial literacy and economic empowerment classes and services
  • leadership development for teen girls
  • counseling services, support groups
  • parenting classes and resources for women and families
  • racial justice programs

With the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana's rich history of providing a variety of services and programs for women, children and families, and with the resources of the YWCA of the USA, the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana is once again the primary provider of quality services for women of all socioeconomic levels, all racial/ethnic groups, and all educational and religious backgrounds who have diverse needs and issues. Women and children are able to come to one location to receive information, education, resources, support and services to assist them with their various needs. Classes, groups and services can also be taken to locations within the community, such as schools, community centers, churches and workplaces to meet people where they are and to collaborate with other groups in the community.