Local History

The YWCA of Northwest Louisiana

The Shreveport YWCA , whose aim was to implement the YWCA mission in the Shreveport community, was incorporated on March 10, 1925. From that time through the years, the YWCA has been one of our community's most respected organizations.

The Shreveport YWCA , whose aim was to implement the mission in the Shreveport community, was incorporated on March 10, 1925.  From that time through the years, the YWCA has been one of our community's most respected organizations.  Programs and services offered included:  services for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Women's Health Programs, Job Training, Early Childcare Programs and many others, as well supporting national and international efforts that embraced the mission of the YWCA.

Our programs services and operations were discontinued in 2010.  We maintained our non-profit incorporated status, settled all financial obligations, reassessed our purpose and developed a strategic plan to continue our mission in the community of northwest Louisiana.

As we move into a newly developed phase of operations, the new board of directors has pledged their time, hard work, finances and talent to present a stronger and more solvent YWCA.  Providing comprehensive and compassionate advocacy for women through quality services and community activism is our mission and our goal.  Our long-range goal is to establish a Women's Resource Center, a comprehensive, multi-service center for all women from all walks of life.  The Center will bring together a variety of services for women in one location.  The YWCA's three areas of focus for the center will be financial literacy, which develops economic empowerment for women, legal services for women, and empowerment programming for girls, teens and women. 

YWCA of Northwest Louisiana Recent Events and Current Status

May 2010 – YWCA Board contracts with Judi Bishop, retired Executive Director of YWCA Fort Worth, to come in as interim ED and implement a turnaround plan

June 2010 – Sufficient funds could not be raised to implement plan and YWCA Board voted to close the organization

July 2010 – All programs of the YWCA ended, corporation remained intact and YW Board began efforts to close the facility, assess financial status and begin sorting through records and building contents

January 2011 – YWCA lists building at 710 Travis St. with Vintage Realty with asking price of $550,000

February 2011 – YWCA’s bank files a foreclosure on the property

February 2011 – Received contract on the property for $400,000 from Wiseman Ministries

May 2011 – Closed on sale to Wiseman Ministries, YW Board began to settle debt owed from proceeds of sale of building

May 2011- April 2012 – Board members sorted through building contents and records, storing financial and grant records, historical and significant documents and memorabilia

January 2012 – Strategic planning session for YWCA Board led by Christie Dailey, YWCA Southwest/Delta Region Director and Judi Bishop

March –April 2012 – YWCA of NW LA by-laws revised, finalized negotiation and payment of debt, future planning begun

April 2012 – Office space leased at 2121 Fairfield Ave. – Centerpoint Bldg.

May 2012 – Recruitment began for new board members

September 2012 – Focus group held to discuss community needs that YWCA could fill

November 2012 – Strategic planning session conducted by Bruce Willson, Director of the United Way for YWCA Board

January 2013 – Financial Literacy Committee formed to explore financial empowerment programs

March 2013 – Five new board members added

June 2013 – Two YWCA board members attended YWCA National Conference in Washington D.C.

July 2013 – Board votes to hire a Development Director on a contractual, part-time basis

September 2013 – Planning and board orientation/training session led by Judi Bishop and Jan Peery, CEO of the YWCA of Oklahoma City; Capacity Building Work Plan developed in consultation with Judi Bishop

January 2014 – YWCA website developed and launched

Feb. – March 2014 – YWCA partners with Shreveport Mayor's Women's Commission and La. Women for Progress for Celebration of Women Week, sponsoring three events during week

May 2014 - YWCA received $25,000 grant from Beaird Foundatin

June 2014 - YWCA hires Acting Executive Director, Judi Bishop

July 2014 - Moved into new office space on Line Ave.

August 2014 - New Finance Director, Diane Hawes, and student intern, Christi Robinson began working

September 2014 -  Developed program plans for the Women's Resource Center and began applying for grants

November 2014 - First e-newsletter sent out

January 2015 - Hired counselor for HOPE Connections to provide services for homeless women

February 2015 - Hired Teen Coordinator to develop teen program

March 2015 - Participated in Celebration of Women Week events 

June 2015 -  Developed Racial Justice Committee


Current Status

No outstanding debt, in good standing financially

990’s filed each year and financial review complete for past year

Non-profit status (501c3) maintained and in good standing

YWCA Board has met monthly since closure

YWCA of NW La. has remained in good standing with the YWCA USA as a member association in inactive status – dues paid as required, and participation in regional and national YWCA meetings and events

Consultation with regional representative, Christie Dailey, on a regular basis along with Judi Bishop, former Exec. Director of YWCA Ft. Worth