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    Meet Us: The YWCA of NW Louisiana began in 1925 and has remained one of the community's most vital organizations for women. In 2016, the new Women's Resource Center opened to meet the unique needs of women and families.                            


    The 2019 Women Who Care, Share event!





    • About the YWCA
    • Education Empowerment

      The YWCA is the voice for every woman.  For over a century, the YWCA has spoken out and taken action on behalf of women and girls.

    • Financial Literacy
    • Economic Empowerment

      YWCA offers financial literacy training, from budget basics to retirement planning.

    • Legal Empowerment
    • Legal Empowerment

      For more than 150 years, the YWCA has spoken out and taken action to protect the rights of all women and girls.

    • Women's Resource Center
    • Education Empowerment

      The Women's Resource Center is a place for women to find resources, information and support for their needs.